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Exciting news for WordPress users. Wise Brisbane are now creating websites!

WordPress is one of the most widely used and one of the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system (or CMS) in existence today.

For too long, small business have been ripped off by people charging a fortune to create websites for them. The other choice is to be locked in with “do-it-yourself” website creation sites. Don’t be stuck in the middle there is something in between.

It’s US! WiseBrisbane

Wise Brisbane provide website design and creation from $800. This price includes creating a high quality website on a staging platform to allow for updates and trials before going live. Our price includes transferring your new website onto your current URL over a 24 hour period. We make sure there is minimum impact to your traffic.


Wise Brisbane provide hosting facilities starting at $20 a month. This small monthly cost ensures you have a presence on the web with little outlay.

Our sites are created with responsive layouts, making them ideal for use on mobile devices and tablets as well as traditional PCs. Our sites will look great on all of them.

We have the ability to customise your websites with a wealth of experience in the back end coding that means we can do anything!

Check out some of our latest work!

G2 PSD (print supply division) A Brisbane print industry icon. G2 Print Supply Division supply a wide range of products to the graphic arts industry.

Clubwise 365 a website that creates quality artwork from original templates accessed via subscription.

Emj’s Fit Health Foods Emma asked us to provide a fully functioning woo-commerce site that allowed her the flexibility to create and add products easily.


To create and manage your website with little or no computer skills. Contact Us Now!

Stress in the Workplace and how to overcome it

Stress in the workplace!

Dealing with stress. Stress balls, love em! Something to do with your hands will often switch off your brain, just enough to work through. Best way to overcome stress is to know what is happening.  What is the trigger for that stress? Can you remove that trigger?

I think outside of the office this it may be easier to remove this trigger.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there are lots of stresses outside the office that can cause you grief, and sometimes those triggers cannot be stopped.  But normally at work, for example if the stress is caused by deadlines, and you’re in a deadline driven environment, well that stress isn’t going to go away easy.

So, let’s just look at the deadline situation for a moment.  I worked in an environment where there were multiple deadlines every day and they all had to be met. The best way to deal with that was to ensure I was doing everything I could to make sure that we didn’t hit that deadline.  When you see a deadline, imagine finishing it an hour before, or a day before.  Already you have yourself in a better mindset to get things sorted.  I remember being at school and having assignments to do. I’d leave them not done, like most teenagers, but instead of starting on the project, the night before, like most of my mates.  I started two nights before.  That way I had a little contingency should things go pear shaped, but I still did it in the night.

Don’t Ignore Stress

The worst thing you can do about stress is to ignore it.  I used to worry in the night about things at work and what I could do about them.  I decided to put a pen/paper beside my bed (nowadays it’s the ipad). So if something came to me in the night, well I just wrote it down and knew I would be sweet in the morning, and it allowed me to easily fall back to sleep.  Even if I didn’t have the solution, jotting down things that were bothering me just seemed to help.  Although sometimes, I couldn’t read what I had written the next day, so I put it down to, it mustn’t have been that important anyway.

New Managers How to Keep Calm


Keeping calm and under control as a manager can get pretty tricky.  I have been very lucky in my career, that I had managers who I could let off steam with.  Having someone in your life that you can do this with is important. In many workplaces swearing is  “out”.  I know of workplaces where if you swore, you would receive a letter of warning, and others where the “f” bom was used as an adjective in almost all sentences.

So what do you do as a manger. Someone is just pushing your buttons and you just want to explode….WELL DON’T!  This is a great leveller for some people, because now all of a sudden you’re not a boss, your just some joker who can’t hold their temper.

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Understand SEO and how it will work for you

What does Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) mean?  Well there are some great sites that explain this simply.   It gives people a window into your business, and with the right search string, they may just find you, or they may not. Here is something to read:

How does it work?  Well it’s a little like the black arts, but here is some tips to understanding. All search engines use complex algorithms to calculate who is at the top of the search results SEO changes to the content of your webpage leverages as much as people know about this algorithms to move your site without paying for Google Adwords.

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Instagram posting to other social media

Want a quick and easy way to get your posts across three or more social media sites? Did you know that Instagram posts to a wide variety of other apps? Sorry to all those people who already know how to do this.  But I’m assuming that if you’re reading this you do want to know how to get your Instagram account to post on other social media.


It isn’t hard, but just takes a few steps.  Follow along by downloading the pdf how to here.  HOW TO CONNECT

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New Manager? – Read This!

Becoming a manager for the first time, or getting a promotion with more responsibilities and dealing with everyone else’s expectations of you can become overwhelming. I’ve been in various roles over 35 years from team leader to trainer to General Manager. I’m sure I can help you and your teams. Sometimes the cleverest person in the room is not the manager! In these series of blogs I’m hoping to give you a light hearted look at being a manager. I will also be divulging some tips and tricks that I have used to keep me sane and ready for the next challenge.

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