• by franny
  • January 10, 2017

Using Facebook for your business

Facebook gives all users to opportunity to create pages from their profile. This is great for all types of reasons. It might be a group or team, or in a lot of cases it helps you promote your own business. It’s very easy to post to using Facebook for your business.

Creating the page is simple and lots of information about your business helps you promote yourself at little or no cost. Inviting your friends to like your page is also important.  Some of your friends may not know your business and by getting them to “like” it they will receive news feeds from that page when you post.

Sharing Web Items From your Business Page

It’s not hard! Honest.  All you need to do is “share” using the Facebook icon near the article you’re interested in. In the  top left hand corner, you’ll see an icon of you (if you’re logged in).  Slightly above that is a pull down menu.  The first item says “Share on your own Timeline”.  If you click on this drop down menu, you get lots of other options, which allows you to just share to selected friends etc. The one you’re looking for is “Share on a Page you manage”.   Once chosen you will see the icons for the pages you manage, pick your business (or group) and you’re away.

It is nice to know this before you start creating a page for your business.  I’ve noticed there are lots of business who haven’t used their private accounts to manage their business. It’s not a big problem, but Facebook considers that to be a “person” rather than a business which can be restrictive. The name of the business for example because you can’t use numbers.

If you have a page for your business, you can adjust the Page Roles in settings to allow for friends or colleagues to post on behalf of the business.  This allows you to get extra content!

If you need help setting up your social media, contact me for a confidential discussion.


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