• by franny
  • July 14, 2017

Stress in the Workplace and how to overcome it

Stress in the workplace!

Dealing with stress. Stress balls, love em! Something to do with your hands will often switch off your brain, just enough to work through. Best way to overcome stress is to know what is happening.  What is the trigger for that stress? Can you remove that trigger?

I think outside of the office this it may be easier to remove this trigger.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there are lots of stresses outside the office that can cause you grief, and sometimes those triggers cannot be stopped.  But normally at work, for example if the stress is caused by deadlines, and you’re in a deadline driven environment, well that stress isn’t going to go away easy.

So, let’s just look at the deadline situation for a moment.  I worked in an environment where there were multiple deadlines every day and they all had to be met. The best way to deal with that was to ensure I was doing everything I could to make sure that we didn’t hit that deadline.  When you see a deadline, imagine finishing it an hour before, or a day before.  Already you have yourself in a better mindset to get things sorted.  I remember being at school and having assignments to do. I’d leave them not done, like most teenagers, but instead of starting on the project, the night before, like most of my mates.  I started two nights before.  That way I had a little contingency should things go pear shaped, but I still did it in the night.

Don’t Ignore Stress

The worst thing you can do about stress is to ignore it.  I used to worry in the night about things at work and what I could do about them.  I decided to put a pen/paper beside my bed (nowadays it’s the ipad). So if something came to me in the night, well I just wrote it down and knew I would be sweet in the morning, and it allowed me to easily fall back to sleep.  Even if I didn’t have the solution, jotting down things that were bothering me just seemed to help.  Although sometimes, I couldn’t read what I had written the next day, so I put it down to, it mustn’t have been that important anyway.

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