• by franny
  • June 25, 2017

Understand SEO and how it will work for you

What does Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) mean?  Well there are some great sites that explain this simply.   It gives people a window into your business, and with the right search string, they may just find you, or they may not. Here is something to read:

How does it work?  Well it’s a little like the black arts, but here is some tips to understanding. All search engines use complex algorithms to calculate who is at the top of the search results SEO changes to the content of your webpage leverages as much as people know about this algorithms to move your site without paying for Google Adwords.


How to use metadata to help your SEO.

This is data that is stored with your webpage to give search engines a quicker way of indexing what is on your page. The big question is to think… what would people be searching for if they needed information on this page.  In some ways it is similar to the advertising side of Google Adwords, you have to envisage what your customers would be searching for to find you.

For example: your meta tags on a blog might say things like “how to make the best coffee”, “the best coffee in Brisbane” and similar.

To become first on the list of google (not in the advertising section at the top), you need to have traffic, and to get traffic you need to have content.  Yoast SEO as a plug in for WordPress is very helpful in helping bloggers put the right words in the right place.

Need help with your SEO? Call us.  We’ll give you good tips and tricks to maximise your traffic on your own terms without spending a fortune.

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