New Manager? – Read This!

Becoming a manager for the first time, or getting a promotion with more responsibilities and dealing with everyone else’s expectations of you can become overwhelming. I’ve been in various roles over 35 years from team leader to trainer to General Manager. I’m sure I can help you and your teams. Sometimes the cleverest person in the room is not the manager! In these series of blogs I’m hoping to give you a light hearted look at being a manager. I will also be divulging some tips and tricks that I have used to keep me sane and ready for the next challenge.

What is the best part about becoming a manager for the first time?  The challenge, getting rewarded and for what you’ve been doing and a up in the pay packet isn’t bad either.

What is the worst part about becoming a manager for the first time? Probably the fact that some of your friends were overlooked for the promotion.  Often this leads to resentment of you as a manager and tends to signal the end of some of these friendships.  Don’t get me wrong, good friends stick by you no matter what. Just be wary of people who say they are your friends, but want to use your friendship as a way to get what they want.

First time managers do it tough for a little while.  Hopefully if the step up hasn’t been too big, it doesn’t take long to come to terms with the requirements of the new position. Early promotions are generally given to people who know how to do their job the best.

This is also called the subject matter expert. As the expert your leadership skills start with empowering those around you to do a better job. Helping the team by working with them and achieving common goals is the core behind getting the most from your team. It doesn’t matter what role or organisation you are in.

The higher up in an organisation you go, the less of the subject matter expert you  need to be. It is however essential that you keep open to the ideas and concerns of your team. This is the key to make sure you can relate to what is happening with your team and when you can, raise this to a higher level of management.

More to come

Keep an eye out for more blogs from me under the category of Management. Most of these blogs will be  short, which I feel is the most effective way to input/output information. Quick and simple! Particularly as a manager you can pretty much guarantee someone will interrupt you every five minutes if they think you’re available.

I’m always looking for topics or questions. So go to my website and use the contact tab. Or  email me directly at  I hope you enjoy these blogs, so please leave your feedback.

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