New Manager Tips – Organisation

Part 1 – Organisation

Staying organised is one of the most important things to do as a manager.  An ever shifting list of priorities can get pretty crazy and the sooner you figure out a way of organising the better you will be. Everyone’s method is different and I can give you a couple of examples here. Trust me I’ve tried them all.

Sticky note crazy?

Good because as an idea hits you, it’s written down and slapped on your pc or wall. When the task is done, you just ball them up and drop them in the bin.

Like wall planners?

I like wall planners when you have to deal with teams or lots of staff. Things like holidays and planned days off for training or personal days are shown clearly and to all the team.  This always helps when you have large teams and you are responsible for rostering. Buy them at local office equipment stores.


Absolutely! Diaries look professional, but are another good way to keep track of what you’re doing every day. They are physical, they are always there, no need for back ups.  Just don’t leave them in someone else’s office. You need to keep your notes short and sweet using diaries.

Note book

 If you are a bit of a meeting note taker like I am, an A4 spiral notebook can be invaluable.  Just put the date of the meeting at the top, and scribble away.  Start a new book each year and review them often.

Totally Digital

Remember to save, save, save.  Nothing worse that for one reason or another the computer crashes and you’ve lost plenty!  Most software programs like Word now keep background saved copies, so you don’t lose much if this happens to you.  Be sure to password protect you document if you think anything within these documents could be sensitive. If documents are on a shared server it is a must to password protect them.

To Do List

Aways have a “to do” list. Doesn’t matter in what format. I used a text document on my desktop, which was always open.  It is an easy way to list things that you want to do, or things that you have done. It’s a great way to remember everything that needs to be done.  Sometimes items will stay there for months, but you’ll never forget them. I’ve had some instances where I have deleted items off the to do list. Reason being that as time wore on, other ideas presented themselves.  Looking back on this document at the end of each year to reflect. At the time of your PDR this document can confirm all the achievements you have accomplished within the year.

Staying organised

There’s the trick! Keep your notes up to date. It will keep you organised. Everyone is different, choose the item or combination that suits you.

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