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  • July 7, 2017

New Managers How to Keep Calm


Keeping calm and under control as a manager can get pretty tricky.  I have been very lucky in my career, that I had managers who I could let off steam with.  Having someone in your life that you can do this with is important. In many workplaces swearing is  “out”.  I know of workplaces where if you swore, you would receive a letter of warning, and others where the “f” bom was used as an adjective in almost all sentences.

So what do you do as a manger. Someone is just pushing your buttons and you just want to explode….WELL DON’T!  This is a great leveller for some people, because now all of a sudden you’re not a boss, your just some joker who can’t hold their temper.

Keep Calm!  Don’t let your emotions get out of control.

What to do.  First thing to do is nothing.  I know what you’re saying, but it’s not like you wont do anything.  Just at first do nothing.  Analyse the situation.  If you’re in an office, use a notepad and write things down.  Never react in a positive or negative way if you can help it.  Just listen, nod your head and take it all in.
One of my bosses told me, just hang on, you’re playing chess not checkers!
Step 2, if you can’t make headway and a clear calm decision, tell the person to give you 5 to check on it.  (This is a great theory for any service central position, give yourself a chance to regroup)

Now is the time when you spend that 5 minutes wisely!  Seek counsel if you need it to give you the correct answers. Find your way to keep your cool.

Some great ones are:

IN YOUR HEAD, pretend you’re Gordon Ramsay and just let fly! Once that is out of your head you will think clearly.

WRITE IT DOWN and look at your response. Re-write if you need to, but make sure there is clarity in what you are saying.

GO WALK most people can calm down within a few minutes.  Go grab a coffee, call a friend, work through what is going on in your head and hopefully you’ll be able to come back calm enough to continue.

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