Wise Brisbane

Welcome to Wise Brisbane.  Mission Statement

WISDOM – 35 years of management, technical and media experience.

VISION – Create the roadmap to take your business to the next step.

RESULTS – Working with our clients to achieve successful  outcomes.

What we do best.

We put the customer first. Unlike other web hosting or web building companies, we work closely with our clients and enjoy moving forward with them. Being skilled introduce all types of social media, it’s something we are very proud of. Building websites for ecommerce or blogs. We have made some impressive sites for many companies and they are enjoying our insights.  Do you need help you work with google Ads, analytics and other forms of site evaluation to ensure you understand what’s going on.  With our instructions you will increase your ability to work your own social media platforms, that can boost your website traffic.

Charging reasonable rates ensure you get value for money. With our background in media and IT, there’s not much we can’t do for you. We are for all business, sole trader, medium and big.

  • We build websites
  • We host websites
  • We provide security from malicious attacks on your websites
  • We can provide insights from Google and help you with targeting your market
  • We help your social media presence
  • We also can help with back ups, VPN, installing WAP for business
  • RedHat certified technician with over 35 years of management and IT experience in all facets.
  • Building servers and creating databases with queries for you.
  • We do it all.

Why not contact us now for an obligation free discussion.